About Us

 All About You

You love pretty things. That is why you're here. 
You're here to build a jewelry wardrobe that reflects the facets of your personality, to color the mosiac of your life. You are unique, fun, elegant, quiet, simple, crazy, complicated and a little bit goth at times, right? You're here to find accessories that will make you look good and feel great without breaking the bank. You're here to find pieces that speak your truth strongly, yet quietly. You're here to find pieces that scream when you're only allowed to whisper. You're here to indulge your desires in an affordable way because you have other things to pay for too. You're not irresponsible, after all. 
You have a variety of traits within you and you need accessories that work on different levels according to what you are doing, where you are going, who you are with, the mood you are in, the image you want to convey.  Somedays you feel like wearing hearts and flowers and some days you feel like wearing skulls. That is the prism of your being.
You want pieces for work and play. Pieces that are fun and trendy, but also, some pieces that are timeless in style. You want pieces that are unique and interesting, pieces that will spark comment and start conversations. You want to be the woman that is known for new and exciting jewelry. You're fierce and you don't apologize for anything. 
You're smart. You're beautiful. You're deserving. 
That is why you're here. 

About Shelly

I'm Shelly and I am Lavoro Designs. It's just me from start to finish. I design and create every piece of jewelry here. From choosing the beads and making the chains, to packing your order and sealing the envelope. It's just me. Think of me as your own personal jewelry designer. 
Lavoro is the Italian word for work. Lavoro Designs came to be in the fall of 2009 when I couldn't find the style of earrings I liked in the marketplace. I wanted interesting and I just wasn't finding it. Soon, I began branching out into bracelets and necklaces when friends and family expressed a desire for such things. I love the feeling of taking individual components and combining them into something pretty and thought evoking. The process of creating a beautiful piece of art that can be worn on the canvas of our own beautiful selves is both satisfying and empowering. It is also a hell of a lot of fun.
I struggle to define my style. I think it's because I'm different and I want my jewelry designs to be the same. I like unexpected color combinations and I like to be brave in how I combine components. That is why you'll find a little bit of everything in my shop. You'll find something for every part of you. I certainly find beauty in symmetry but I also find beauty in chaos.
I like variety. I like versatility. I like combining things. I hate to follow the rules. I like being able to have choices and I think it's important for women to have a large collection of pieces that come together in a tapestry of everything they convey to the world. None of us are one dimensional. We can be so many different things to so many different people that we need accessories to reflect that about ourselves. There is nothing better than finding that perfect piece of jewelry to finish off an outfit. Jewelry can make you feel confident and pulled together. Jewelry is a reflection of all that we are and all that we can be. 
Also.. it's pretty and at the end of the day, no matter how old we are, no matter what we've accomplished... we are all just little girls, reaching for something that glitters.

About Lavoro Designs

Lavoro Designs are individually handcrafted by me with plated metals, brass, sterling silver, stainless steel, genuine gemstones, glass, natural wood, pewter and base metal components, making them an affordable indulgence. Lavoro Designs is a vegan company. I do not use any materials that are sourced from animals like bone, silk, natural pearls, feathers, leather, suede, coral and the like. Anything that may look like those materials are actually manmade. 
Handcrafted means never perfect. Stamped items are never perfectly straight. Wire wraps are never exactly the same. Gemstones are matched in color and size to the best of my ability but some natural variations can occur and that is what makes it truly yours. Artisan crafting is like the human spirit ... full of missteps and do-vers, triumphs and proud moments.
Embrace the imperfection! 
Many of the pieces are limited edition, limited run and may even be one of a kind. If you see something you love, don't let it get away. 
Because Lavoro Designs is just me, it means I can work closely with you to bring your desires to life. If you want a different color, a different length, a different earwire or a different metal, just ask. I can probably accommodate you. I also enjoy doing custom designs so message me and we can talk about it.
Turnaround on orders is usually pretty quick because I'm notoriously impatient and I hate waiting for things. Many items are made and ready to ship but I do ask that you allow 3 days in case I need to make your item. I offer gift boxing for a small upcharge and I'm always happy to ship gifts to the people you love and include a free note. Just let me know.
I've had my Etsy shop since 2009 and I've had over 1,000 sales with a five star rating. Customer service is important to me so if you have any questions, complaints, or ideas, I'm here. I'd like to invite you to find Lavoro Designs on Facebook to keep up on new items, special offers and sneak peeks!
So... let's get shopping!