Bracelet Trio (black purple blue)

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Gorgeous genuine gemstones! You get all three stretch bracelets in one set!

(1) 6mm black obsidian smooth round

(1) 6mm amethyst smooth round

(1) 6mm ... um.. it's a dark blue-black faceted gemstone with silver tone accent spacer.

ok. here is the deal on that third bracelet .... I very often buy bulk packages of gemstone strands because i love surprises like that.. you never know what you'll get and while I know they are genuine, I don't always know what they actually are....often times I can figure it out but this one is a mystery .... it's a deep, muted navy/black color. I liked it so much, I made myself one!

Black Obsidian helps with negativity.

Amethyst helps with addiction, insomnia and it's protective.